1. It is hereby clarified that "ZIGDEAL.IN" or its parent company, ZIGDEAL PVT.LTD, is a marketing and distribution firm, not a manufacturer.

2. We hereby declare that our registration certificate under the TNGST Act 1959 is valid as of the date on which the products indicated in this Bill / Cash memo / Invoice were sold in the ordinary course of business by us.

3. When things leave our warehouse, our accountability ends.

4. We give a legitimate GST invoice for every goods we sell, and we never sell a product without a GST invoice. If you need your company's GST number on the invoice, please include it in the remark box during the ordering process. You will also need to supply the three pages of your company's GST certificate for the GST invoice.

5. The materials sold are computer spares and components and do not constitute a complete system. Unless designated as "New PC System," the above goods are merely in the form of components / sub-assemblies and are not a "New PC."

6. Any products acquired from us for use in an unusual setting, i.e. not intended for normal use, must be reported to us at the time of purchase, or the guarantee will be void and null.

7. No Customer can absolve themselves of liability due to a lack of understanding of the terms and conditions.

8. Buyers of "Dead on Arrival" products must ensure that all of the product's parts and accessories are present in the box that came with it; failure to do so will result in non-acceptance as a DOA case and will be treated as an RMA.

9. Physical damage, product mistreatment, and tampering with warranty stickers are not covered by the guarantee. All of our products require the installation of a technically competent PC Hardware engineer.

10. Any orders linked to price or stock issues may be cancelled by ZIGDEAL.IN.


1. All of the products we sell come with a one-year carry-in warranty. To RMA a product that is outside of our policy window, the buyer is responsible for both transportation costs.

2. On-Site warranties are only valid within the brand's reach; if you live outside of the brand's reach, your warranty service will automatically switch to Carry-In.

3. On-Site warranties are only valid within the brand's reach; if you live outside of the brand's reach, your warranty service will automatically switch to Carry-In.

4. When the terms "Direct Warranty" or "Manufacturer Warranty" are used, it signifies that the manufacturer or distributor is directly responsible for the warranty. We are not liable in any way, whether legally or financially. If you have any problems claiming your warranty, please contact us.

5. When there is a product servicing problem, we always ask the customer to send a copy of our invoice for warranty purposes.

6. Only in acceptable physical condition will goods be accepted for warranty repair or replacement after they have been sold.

7. In the aforesaid situations, products with broken / burnt pins, pen / pencil markings, cracks, missing / tampered components, or damaged warranty stickers will be refused and considered warranty invalid.

8. Please do not blame us for the delays; we have nothing to do with them; we are simply assisting you in getting your goods fixed or replaced.

9. Warranty clauses are null and void for damage caused by mistreatment of equipment for any reason causing harm to the items, such as lack of understanding, incorrect handling, electricity problems, and so on, on the assumption that the product would not have been damaged under normal conditions.

10. Only manufacturing flaws are covered by the warranty, which is governed by the manufacturer's policy. If the manufacturer has a local service centre, customers must contact the service centre directly with their purchase data for warranty claims.

11. According to the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty policy, products under warranty will be fixed or replaced.

12. Without accessories, manuals, Software CD's / DVD's, and exterior box packing, we reserve the right to reject warranty items.

13. Any service disputes or issues must be sent solely to the manufacturers' or distributors' addresses. We are not liable for any legal action that may arise as a result of this.

14. Only when the full payment is completed by the due date will warranty service be provided.

15. This service (RMA / WARRANTY CLAIM) is not a lifelong guarantee; it is a special service provided by us to our clients who are having difficulty claiming their warranty or who do not have access to a local service centre. We reserve the right to terminate this service at any time without warning.


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