(Products) Shipping & Delivery Policy 

Orders are exclusively dispatched to domestic buyers by registered domestic courier firms and/or fast post.

Orders are shipped within 15 working days or according to the delivery date agreed upon at the time of order 

confirmation, and shipments are delivered according to Courier Company/Post Office guidelines. ZIGDEAL PVT.LTD

 is not responsible for any delays in delivery caused by the courier company or postal authorities, and only 

 guarantees to hand over the consignment to the courier company or postal authorities within 15 working days of the 

 order and payment date, or as agreed upon at the time of order confirmation. All orders will be sent to the buyer's 

 registered address, unless otherwise specified. At all times, only credit/debit cards are accepted 

 (Unless specified at the time of Order). ZIGDEAL PVT.LTD is not liable for any damage to the order while it is being 

 delivered to the buyer. M D COMPUTERS PVT.LTD is happy to employ secure payment gateways that are fast, easy, 

 and effective. Every major credit card is accepted.

Policy on Shipping and Delivery (Services) 

Our services will be delivered to the email address you provided upon registration. If you have any problems using 

our logistic services, please contact our helpdesk at +91 7373930333 (Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM) or 

email us at [email protected]. For several units and some products, how is the delivery charge calculated?

The shipping fee is calculated based on the product's weight. The programme adds up the weight of all the units bought

and charges a single delivery price for multiple products ordered from the same category.

A customer who orders three items weighing 200 grammes, 250 grammes, and 400 grammes will be charged a single delivery cost

for a consignment weighing more than 500 grammes but less than one kilogramme. Three different consignments weighing less than 

500gms each are not charged to the customer. As a result, the buyer will pay Rs 85 for delivery if he gets all three things together

rather than Rs 142 if he orders them separately. The product's weight has been factored into the shipping charge for each item. 

At the time of payment, this will be immediately added to the product cost.