Policy Regarding Cancellations

1. You can file a cancellation request straight from the order panel, or you can send us an email or call us to cancel your order.

2. Only if the order is cancelled by the buyer is the convenience fee levied on the order non-refundable. If we cancel an order,

we will reimburse the entire money. This fee is only applied if the buyer requests a refund after cancelling the order.

3. Orders that are cancelled or modified by the buyer after the goods has been sent will be charged an extra 3% fee.

The amount of this charge will be deducted from your refund.

4. The above charges will only be applied if the customer makes such requests; no charges will be applied if we take such steps.

5. If you have a problem about a product that is covered by a manufacturer's warranty, please contact them. ZIGDEAL PVT.LTD.

believes in assisting its customers to the greatest extent feasible, and hence has a flexible cancellation policy. In accordance with this policy:

Refund/Return Policy

1. We only accept return and refund requests if the product we supplied is damaged, the wrong product was received, the product is dead,

or the product is defective. Buyers will have three (3) days and seven (7) days following delivery to notify us if there is a problem with the

order and request a return or refund. The buyer must notify us of the problem by either emailing us (recommended) or contacting us.

2. If the goods delivered is defective or damaged, only part replacement will be available; no refunds will be given for gaming chair purchases.

3. If the product's seal has been broken and the goods is not defective, no return or refund will be given.

4. If any part or accessory is missing from the product packaging, the return / refund request will be denied.

5. The customer should save the packaging material until the return window opens, as this will assist them in packing the product in

its original shape to avoid any damage during transit.

6. Product should be packed in the same manner as it was received by the buyer; do not use tapes or glues directly on the product or on

the product box; otherwise, your return request may be cancelled.

7. All accessories that were sent with the product should be returned in the same condition as they were received.

8. If the payment was made through our payment gateway, it will be refunded to the same account that was used to make the purchase;

however, refunds for BANK TRANSFER and COD orders will only be paid to the buyer's bank account. It normally takes 7-10 business days

for a refund to appear in your account. If the payment was made using Bajaj EMI, 

9. 5% will be taken off the order value/total amount. This will only apply if the buyer cancels the transaction.